Jidenna – Tribe

Jidenna – Tribe
Jidenna – Tribe Mp3

Nigerian – American singer Jidenna comes through with one all the more new tune titled “Tribe” and is legitimately here for your fast download.

Jidenna Tribe Lyrics

Who you with
Who your crew, who your clique
Who your fam, who your city
Who your gang, who you rep
Fuck ’em all, fuck ’em all

That my tribe
That my crew, that my clique
That my fam, that my city
That my gang, that my rep
Fuck ’em all, fuck ’em all
That my tribe (Yeah, ayy)
That my tribe (Yeah, ayy)
That my tribe (Ayy, yeah)
That my tribe (Yeah, ayy)

Feel like one of the crew, feel like one of the crew
Ain’t got nothin’ to do, ain’t got nothin’ to do
Feel like super glue, feel like one of the crew
And I’m runnin’ with you, we got money to move

[Verse 1]
Put your pride in a trash bin
Too much ego in the captions
Don’t get swept up, like a Tesla
You ain’t really need the gassin’
Hate to see my niggas clashin’
Hate the plot, love the casting
Tryna catch a nigga lackin’
Bet the tribe will outlast him
Every nigga got a accent
And a funky way of dancin’
And we get it with our passion
And he still afraid of black skin
Niggas tryna split a fraction
It’s mo’ money for the trappin’
Stadiums full of vibranium in the land of the black skin
And it’s time that we cashin’
Fill the hunger like I’m fastin’
Less think and more action
I’m so motherfuckin’ [?]
Black star on the cap and
Babylonian assassin
Fight woke niggas nappin’
Tuck ’em in like a napkin

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